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Sports Clothing & Apparel Endorsenews brings news, reviews, and information about sports clothing used by professional athletes. Sports we cover: We cover many of the most popular sports, for instance, Boxing, Climbing, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Golf, MLB, Motorsport, NBA, NFL, NHL, Rugby, Running, Snowboarding, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis, and Yoga. And look at the sports companies that endorse, sponsor and manufacture shoes, clothes, and equipment such as Nike, Adidas, Head. Callaway, and similar companies. We try to help people with questions when they are searching for clothes: What to Wear for Yoga - The Best Ladies Yoga Shorts Reviewed What Tennis clothes is Naomi Osaka wearing - Naomi Osaka Adidas Tennis Looking for best Hiking Shorts - The Best Women’s Hiking Shorts Reviewed What make is Roger Federer Shirt  - Roger Federer Uniqlo